iPhone 6 / 6S Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Image of iPhone 6 / 6S Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Price: $5.99 from OhCases

If you own one of the high end mobile phones, such as iPhone you will want to make sure you protect that device, because replacing a phone or just a screen will cost you another fortune. Protecting your investment in the device that you carry all the time is a smart move. Just iPhone screen replacement, if done at the Apple store, will cost you around $200. That is usually the cost of a new phone if you get it from your carrier with a contract, so why risk at all? Besides having to pay for replacing the screen or the phone itself, you may loose valuable information, such as your pictures, contacts, notes, etc. It is not just a screen protector, but rather a plastic that has turned into glass like piece. Tempered glass’s features include increased toughness, scratch resistance, fingerprint resistance, and many more. By tempering the glass and cutting it precisely to the size of your mobile phone or tablet, it is possible to provide a protection that is unbeatable by anything else.

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