Image of Deni 3 Qt. Deep Fryer With Glass Sides (9360)

Deni 3 Qt. Deep Fryer With Glass Sides (9360)

Deni Deni 3 qt. Deep Fryer with Glass Sides (9360)-------- The Deni Deep Fryer with glass sides is perfect for your favorite quick snacks. Fry chicken, vegetables, potatoes, onions, and more. The electric unit features cool touch handles and lid and...

Image of Deni Fabric 1/2" Ribbon

Deni Fabric 1/2" Ribbon


Image of Deni Marinizer (4750)

Deni Marinizer (4750)

Deni Deni Marinizer (4750)-------- The Deni Marinizer marinates your food in minutes! This unit will save you time and keep your food fresh. The Marinizer vacuum seals, removing air from inside the container and marinates your food quickly. Simply...


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Image of Deni Toner,Dl-650,50k,Bk

Deni Toner,Dl-650,50k,Bk



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