Image of 3-in-1 Magnesium Fire Starter Survival Tool with Multipurpose Bottle Opener and Ruler Scraper

Image of 3-in-1 Wilderness Survival Flint Fire Starter w/ Compass & Whistle

Image of ALOCS CS-B08 Wilderness Survival Spark Flint Fire Striker / Starter

Image of BRS BRS-119 Outdoor Flintstone Fire Starter

Image of Drilled Flintstone / Paracord Bracelet Toggle

Image of EDCGEAR Handy Outdoor Fire Lighting Magnesium Flint Stone Tool Set

Image of EDCGEAR Outdoor Survival Tool Magnesium Flint Starter / Striker

Image of Glow-in-the Dark Handle Outdoor Survial Flintstone Magnesium Rod w/ Scraper & Strap

Image of Glow-in-the-Dark Magnesium Flint Starter / Striker

Image of Hova Outdoor Survival Tool Military Flint Starter / Striker